We do not just want to take you for a walk through our history and tradition. We want you to feel the connection between our beer and our region, the delicious possibilities of foodpairing within the gastronomy and the conviviality and satisfaction of a fresh beer after an effort or at a nice event

Experience beer to the fullest

Beer & Herzele

Herzele has a lot to offer! Not only is it a vibrant residential community, which makes the local anchoring just as important to us, but it also has plenty of beautiful walking and cycling routes and tourist attractions to discover.  

Discover Herzele

Beer & gastronomy

With its complex and varied palette of flavors, beer has become a desired ingredient in gastronomy. Food pairing with beer is also something that has (fortunately) received more and more attention  and has been picked up eagerly by star chefs in recent years ...

Go on a culinary journey of discovery.

Beer & Bikes

Cycling and beer is a culture in itself. After a hard ride, a fresh, thirst-quencher tastes well-deserved. 

We picked out some nice routes for you..

Choose your cycling route

Beer & Walks

The Flemish Ardennes, with their rolling green landscape, are a walking walhalla. Luckily while wondering around Flemish fields and roads you come across a cozy café every once in a while! 

Put on your walking shoes

Beer & Parties

Outstanding beers can bring a refreshing and original touch to your party, to your reception, to your baby shower, to a summer BBQ, to a cosy evening with friends ... 

Let yourself be surprised and serve a regional beer to celebrate...

Enjoy the party beery much 

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