Spécial De Ryck 5,5%

33cl / 75cl
5L / 20L / 30L

Spécial De Ryck is the flagship beer of our brewery, created in 1920 and brewed according to the original recipe ever since, using only the purest ingredients. It's a amber coloured speciale Belge ale with subtle maltiness, a fruity flavor of delicate hops and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

TYPE Special belge Ale
TASTE subtle malts, fruity hops & delicate, bitter aftertaste
FERMENTATION top fermented, refermented in the bottle
SHELF LIFE bottle: 2 years
keg: 5 months
bottle: 6 °C (to your own liking)
keg: 4 °C
  • 2* winner Bronze award World Beer Cup - category: Belgian & French style Ale
  • Gold Award Digital Belgian Beer Awards - category: speciale Belge
  • Recognised and certified regional product

"Special" De Ryck

Authenticity of the "Spécial" De Ryck

The history of the beer
Speciale belge beers are being brewed over 100 years according to the original recipe and by the traditional method of 1920, using only the purest ingredients. The beer style 'speciale Belge' was created after the first world war to offer a tasty and typical Belgian alternative to the German and Czech pilsner beers that were flooding the market. Nowadays, there are only  4 original Spéciale Belges remaining.  We are proud to say our "Special" De Ryck is one of them.

Over 3 generations keep perfecting and finetuning the recipy of the beer every brew to serve you the delight our "Spécial" is today.

Serving suggestions
1 / A tasty thirst quencher
2 /
3 / Perfect match for food pairings

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