A cultural enrichment

Where each beer has its own taste and story

Our beers are brewed according to ancient and contemporary recipes. A traditional brewing process with authentic basic ingredients and new modern brewing techniques, that's exactly what gives our beers their unique, full-bodied and characteristic taste. 

Our special beers are tasted on the local and international markets, from authentic regional beers that have been brewed for over a century, to beers with a hoppy or spicy character, to heavier, blond and brown specialty beers to enjoy quietly and in good company.

Each beer has its own unique palette of flavours and story and each one gives you a delicious beer experience.


Family & Tradition:
that's what it's all about

In our brewery and in our family, beer has been equal to cosiness and hospitality  for decades (13!) . Our family offers a fresh beer for every occasion, even when there is no occasion,.... the feeling to be welcome, to take time for you and to toast together.... Those are the most precious moments!

It is a delicious, Belgian, folky custom to drink a good beer to a shared or stolen moment and everyone's good health; just think of fairs, festivals, summer terraces and the little old fashioned pubs and cafes where a beautiful sparkling beer with a firm head can not be missed.

And what we have known for centuries has finally been discovered by the star chefs to,...with its complex and rich palette of flavors, beer is the desired aperitif, the missing surprising ingredient to an exquisite dish or the perfect pairing for many culinary delights. Beer has finally earned its place in the culinary restaurants in foodpairing, as an aperitif at weddings and baby showers and at exclusive tastings and events. It's clear, beer can not be missed when celebrating a unique moment!

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