marmelades with
a touch of beer 320 gr

Discover our original beer marmelades created in collaboration with De Biekorf, a small-scale, artisanal company. All jams are produced according to traditional methods in small batches.

The secret of the surprisingly delicious beer marmelades is to always work with top quality fruit, without using colourings or preservatives and to pair these with beers that complement and enhance the palette of flavors. In this way, the sour-sweetness of the cherries is additionally supported by the taste pallet of our Arend Double in the Kriek Fantastic marmelade and the sweet apricots contrast deliciously with the subtle bitter notes of the Arend Triple.

These unique beer marmelades are a dreamed delicacy, not only as a treat on a sandwich, but also to pair with many culinary dishes.

The black cherry beer jam, for example, tastes delicious as a topping on a thick multigrain sandwich with our creamy beer pate or a gingerbread toast with foie gras.

The apricot compote is a surprisingly tasty addition to game dishes or as an alternative to plums with the legendary dish "rabbit with plums".

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