a rich history

Brewery De Ryck is family brewery with a rich history and tradition.

The brewery was founded in 1886 by Gustave De Ryck as ‘Brewery the golden eagle’ in the eastern part of Flanders in front of the church in Herzele . Herzele is not only our home base, it's the source of the typical and unique flavor you discover in our beers.  We value our origine, our environment and our local market.

We strive for top quality in creating and brewing our beers out of respect for our heritage and connected to today's beer market. Everyday we make tradition and innovation meet.

Our wide variety and exquisite quality are our trade mark and the result of a craftmanship passed on from generation to generation.

craftmanship  passed on over generations

5 generations of 
Belgian Family Brewers

Brewery De Ryck has evoled to a modern brewery that slowly conquers the world with  8 unique specialty beers . Every single one of them is brewed in according the art of the craft and served with passsion. The brewery is led by Anne De Ryck, 4th gereration of this family brewery and first female brewing engineer of Belgium. She is assisted by enthusiastic fifth generation Bram and Miek.

Aan het hoofd van de brouwerij staat Anne De Ryck, de eerste vrouwelijke brouwingenieur van België en de vierde generatie van deze familiebrouwerij. Zij wordt bijgestaan door een enthousiaste, jonge vijfde generatie Bram en Miek.

Onze waarden

Innovating with respect for
tradition and craftsmanship

Brewery De Ryck is a charming, characterful brewery with respect for values and traditions. Traditional brewing, cultivating our own living yeast culture, drawing the flavour from our own spring water... it is the signature and taste of all our beers. Our noses are pointing direction "future" but we never forget where our roots.

On the occasion of our 125th anniversary, we created the birthday beer 'Gouden Arend ' (Golden Eagle), as a tribute to and out of gratitude for our great-grandfather and founder.

Clément also owes its name to one of our ancestors, namely the second generation brewer of the brewery. 

Paying tribute to our ancestorts comes naturally as we really owe our craftsmanship to them because recipes and know-how are passed on from generation to generation. This ensures that we continue to brew and innovate out of passion for the product. 

The renovation of our chimney, the new warehouse surrounded by trees, our participation in university research studies and progressive projects... These are a few examples of how we continue to innovate at Brewery De Ryck.

We are a small brewery, but we have great ideas and dreams but we always want to grow and evolve with respect for our history.

Belgian Family Brewers - Brouwerij De Ryck

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