Bierblomme 40 % Alc. Vol.

4cl / 20cl / 70cl

This surprising and deliciously fragrant beer brandy is the result of a passionate collaboration between An, who during her internship in the Alsace region got facinated by the beer distilling procedure, and Patrick from distillery De Moor in Aalst.

Like no other he knows the impact of spices during distillation and he guided us in the careful selection of 6 spices that are added during the double distilling process of our beer "Spécial" De Ryck.

Majestic how the delicate aromas roll out of the glass while swirling!

Bierblomme is therefore a beerbrandy made of Spécial De Ryck, flavoured with 6 different herbs including orange peel and hop flowers. Hence the name: Bierblomme.

CULINAR Suggestions

Our Bierblomme is not only a blissful warm-up after a pleasant autumn or winter walk, it is also an ideal digestive after a delicious meal.
This aromatic eau-de-bière also lends itself perfectly to many culinary experiments, from a surprising base for a sour cocktail or a fragrant 'Herzele' coffee to an ideal pairing with pear sorbet or delicately prepare sultanas to make an original sultana toast to accompany a rustic cheeseboard.


Something unique in Belgium!  A brewery with its own beer distillate. It is not beer, but also not gin or genever,... It is family of the Schnaps.

Bierdestillates or eau-de-Bière came from Germany and the Alsace area to our region around 1600 - 1700. 

Six herbs were added to the pure beer distillate to give this beer brandy its deliciously fragrant aromas. We chose, among other things, orange peel which gives a nice fruity nose and the hop flowers, which are not only one of the 4 main ingredients of our beers, but also makes "name" in the Bierblomme. (Blomme is the flemisch dialect word for flower)


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