Arend OAK Distilled 40 % ALC.VOL.

50 CL

Arend Oak Distilled, a refined aromatic eau-de-bière distilled from our pride AREND TRIPEL and matured on roasted oak chips just like the beer Arend OAK. The result is a sublime beer distillate with a warm copper colour and full, balanced flavours with subtle notes of wood and vanilla.

A delight to marvel at!

For this special occasion, we once again collaborated with distillery De Moor from Aalst who guided us once more in creating a delicious digestive delight, not by adding botanicals this time (like in Bierblomme) but by mastering the art of wood lagering and aging .

THE PURE STORY OF Arend Oak Distilled

The intrigue of distilling beer is something that has been around at De Ryck Brewery for a long time...

We were one of the first Belgian breweries to launch our own beer schnapps: 'Bierblomme'; a wonderfully fragrant eau-de-biere that owes its fruity aromas to the addition of six herbs to the pure beer distillate during the double distillation process.

For Arend Oak Distilled, we wanted it to create an even more pure and mature product, only the taste of the beer distillate refined by the colour and flavour of the maturation on oak wood...

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