Delicious Rillette 100 gr

Our delicious Rillette is the second result of our collaboration with de Veur'n ambachtse, just as we a family business with a passion for their craft and respect for their tradition.

Rillettes are a pure meat product. Although they have only been a wanted delicacy in Belgium since a few years; one can find recipes in the oldest cooking books. They are made from pure pork and pork bacon that simmer for several hours. The unique taste of this Steenuilke Rillette lies in the addition of our herby Steenuilke during cooking. The unique taste of this delicious beer gives the Rillette extra aromas and a fine spicy and light bitter touch.

Rillettes taste particularly good on multigrain bread, and even better on freshly toasted toast as an hors-d'oeuvre with the aperitif.

A small spoon of rillettes in hot soup tastes wonderful or dare to melt them on a hot potato in the peel! Served with a delicious steenuilke beer off course!

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