Arend OAK 135th Anniversary beer 9 % ALC.VOL.

75 CL

Arend Oak - a rich blond celebration beer of 9% Alc. Vol. based on our showpiece and triple gold medal winning AREND TRIPEL. Europe's best triple seemed a more than worthy starting point to give free reign to our brewing curiosity and to venture into as yet unknown territory... wood aging.

To this delicacy, roasted oak chips are added during the lagering process. These enrich the beer with a full-bodied, powerful and complex palette of flavours in which you discover notes of vanilla, caramel and subtle oak.

TYPE Vigorous blond birthday beer with wood tones
TASTE Full-bodied, powerful and complex palate with notes of vanilla, caramel and oak.
mature and gentle, warming aftertaste.
COLOUR blonde with slightly cloudy haze
FERMENTATION top fermented, refermented in the bottle
SHELF LIFE bottle: 2 years
bottle: 10 °C (to your own liking)

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Arend OAK

Authenticity of the Arend OAK

The history of the beer

In September 2021 we celebrate 135 years and 5 generations of Brewery De Ryck. Inspired by a rich history, we continue to work on the future with enthousiasm and appetite. Not only in the constant renewal of the infrastructure and continuing to innovate in the way of brewing, but also in what we brew in those copper kettles...

135 years of passion that had to result in new delicacies...



Tradition and craftsmanship since 1886. A magical beer story we proudly continue to make and brew every day. From a solid history, we write the future with passion!

Delicious beers with respect for the generation-long tradition and with the perfect taste balance to quench your thirst, to drink with friends, to celebrate something unique or just for fun...

Posing a toast with delicious beers... is what Brewery De Ryck has been proud of since 1886!


Serving suggestions
1/ A heavenly beer to share, to give, to receive and above all to enjoy in good company.
2/ Ideal as a beer with a rustic cheese platter or a charcuterie plate with dried or smoked meat products because of its soft and full woody notes...
3/ Perfect for food pairing with game dishes 

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